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1. Splits

The splits are impressive. It’s also one of the hardest exercises to master. The splits can be performed in many different ways, but the majority of people begin with the side splits or the front splits.

You can prepare for the splits by strengthening and stretching the glutes and hamstrings as well as the hip flexors.

2. Cartwheel

Cartwheels are tricky to learn, but they’re essential if you wish to improve as a gymnast. This is a linking move that will elevate your gymnastics. Here are some useful cartwheel tips .

3. Front Roll

One of the basic skills in gymnastics is forward rolls. When you first start out, try practicing on a floor mat. The best way to master this move is by breaking down the technique of the forward roll into smaller steps, and then practicing each one until you are confident.

4. Back Roll

You should master the forward roll first before you move on to the backwards. Take it slowly and steadily at first. It is important to practice and be patient to learn how to do the back roll safely.

5. Handstand

Handstands are an essential part of a gymnast’s repertoire. They help to build strength and stability for many other manoeuvres. Here are some handstand tips .

6. Backbend

When you master the backbend, it is a graceful and fun move that opens your chest, stretches your spine and looks amazing. It’s important to build up slowly, beginning with simple stretches before practicing your bridge. Soon, you will be able to back bend on the wall with a spotter, and then on your own.

7. Pullover

The pullover is one of the first skills that you should learn in gymnastics. When you begin your training, you will use the pullover to mount the bar in preparation for other moves. More difficult mounts are used in advanced gymnastics. Learn the standing pullover first, and then the walking pullover.

8. Headstand

Headstands can be a real challenge. It’s also a lot of fun. To hold this position, you have to use your entire body including your arms and core. You can practice on a chair.

9. Candlestick

Candlestick is an elementary gymnastics move in which the body is in line or hollow and the athlete “rests” on the backs of their shoulders while pointing the feet towards the ceiling. The candlestick position develops core strength, body control, and awareness. These skills translate well to other kipping moves such as muscle-ups, pull-ups, and toes to bar.

10. Split leap

The split leap is the last but not least. The split leap is a very important skill to master in gymnastics. To learn how to perform a perfect split jump, you must first master the split jump. Split leaps are best modeled in mid-air by a split jump. A split jump occurs off two feet while a single-foot split leap occurs.

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