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Push Up Bars - Push Up Handle Grips

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Are you struggling to make progress in nailing your planche, L-sits or handstands? All three of these moves can be extremely stressful on your wrists but with the assistance of Urban Strength Push Up Bars, you can almost eliminate that frustration. By using these grips you can increase the range of motion and resistance, while reducing stress on your wrist joints.

The Urban Strength Push Up Bars add an extra dimension to your bodyweight chest routine too. Push ups are generally performed by placing your hands on the floor. The grips allow a greater range of motion, thereby increasing the resistance.

We love the push up bars for handstand training to maintain good wrist health. They are also great for helping build the L-sit and the advanced planche position.

  • Increases resistance and results
  • Improves functional range of movement of your chest
  • Wrists remain in neutral position reducing stress
  • Added forearm pump due to grip position
  • Light weight and portable for workouts on the go
  • 2 push up bars included with foam handle grips for added comfort

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