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Write for Us

We're looking for writers to share their top training advice for our blog about calisthenics, gymnastics, and bodyweight strength training.

What we publish:

  • Topics must be about calisthenics and gymnastics-style training.
  • Detailed training guides. Cover a specific topic, like how to get a muscle up or how to fix golfer's elbow, better than anywhere else. We love topics that go in-depth. 2,500 words is ideal. If you're good at video, you can do that but be sure to mention the Urban Strength website.
  • Competition news. Maybe you attended Battle of the Bars or another calisthenics event?

What to avoid:

  • No blatant self-promotion. This is not valuable to readers. The biography at the end is where you get to promote your website and tell readers how they can get more help from you.
  • SEO-focused article. It's good to include relevant keywords in your guest blog, but our blog is not a content farm. We love our readers. Help them with good advice.

What you need to do:

  • Be original. The articles must be unique and original to Urban Strength. They cannot be posted on another site before or after publishing.
  • Cover a topic not covered on the blog. It's a new blog so you have a lot of flexibility.
  • We love photos and videos to go alongside the training guides. It's amazing when you can demonstrate what you write about.
  • Create a great title. HubSpot have some great ideas.
  • Have a tight opening sentence and paragraph. Does it make the reader want to continue? Rambling is a waste of space.
  • Write in a conversational tone. How would you explain your ideas to a friend? That's what we want. It's easy to understand.
  • Include a bio. Make it a short paragraph. Relevant links to your business or website are welcome.

Need ideas?

Here are some article titles and ideas we're happy for you to cover right now:

  • Gymnastics Training Classes for Kids - What You Need to Know
  • Detailed progression guides
  • 5 Bodyweight Positions Everyone Should Do

Contact us with your idea. Also provide a sample of your writing. We're happy to help improve your post if you ask us:

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