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Scott Mathison Crushes These Calisthenics Moves

June 22, 2019 1 min read

Scott Mathison

Few would argue that in order to achieve a physique like Scott Mathison's, it takes a lot of bloody hard work. Probably more work and time than the average person is willing to commit to but that's why he's not only a fitness model, but a rockstar in the Calisthenics realm.

But he wasn't always this way.

When Mathison made the move to Santa Monica, California, he caught eye of some people working out down at the bars. This style of working out intrigued him because up until this point in time, he had solely focused on lifting weights at the gym. And that's how his journey into calisthenics began. In the years to follow, he spent a lot of time training next to Michael Vazquez who introduced him to the Performix team, who Mathison now works closely with.

Mathison describes his workout style as a combination of calisthenics, parkour, free-running and weights. He's an extremely driven individual with a clear affinity for muscle ups. If you've been lacking in motivation of late, then take a look at this highlight reel and it might be the kick you need to get back out there.

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