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Jessie Graff Is A Real Life Superhero Stuntwoman Kicking American Ninja Warrior Butt

September 06, 2019 1 min read

Jessie Graff

As a young girl, it was Jessie Graff's dream to join the circus. Her parents signed her up for circus gymnastics classes at the tender age of 6 and the rest, as they say, is history.

During her college years, Graff was also a record breaking pole vaulting champion. She went on to complete her majors in Aerospace Engineering and Theatre; paving the way for a perfect career as a professional stuntwoman. Since beginning on this career path in 2007, Graff has worked on numerous Hollywood sets including the ever-popular X-men, Transformers and Wonder Woman franchises. As she so eloquently says on her website:

Professional stunt woman living out my dream of being a superhero.

It came as no real surprise when Graff made her first appearance on the popular American Ninja Warrior TV show in 2013. During season 5, she became the first ever female to advance to a city final.

Graff has since gone on to wow audiences through her many more appearances on American Ninja Warrior and the hit Japanese version, Sasuke. She has a slew of record breaking races under her belt including being the first ever woman in the show's history to complete stage 1 in the Las Vegas national finals. More fondly referred to as 'Tumbleweed', Graff is often seen sporting superhero costumes in her races.

There seems to be no limit as to what this amazing athlete can do. She never ceases to amaze onlookers with her growing body of athletic prowess. As showcased in the highlight reel we put together from Instagram with her permission, she's got no shortage of killer calisthenics moves.

You can follow Jessie below:




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