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2016 Barstarzz Championship Highlights and Results

September 14, 2016 1 min read

2016 Barstarzz Championship Highlights and Results

The 2016 Barstarzz Championship unfolded on the 7th September when calisthenic athletes competed for the title. The championship is the first by name but a reoccurring freestyle calisthenics event hosted by Barstarzz since 2013.

Originally to be held at between Bronx 204 Street and Perry Avenue on 31st July, the championship was moved to CrossFit Giant II in Englewood, just North of New York City, due to poor weather.

"I was so worried about the weather and last minute change", shared Barstarzz founder and tournament organizer Eduard Checo to Urban Strength, "but all in and all it worked out great! The athletes arrived early so they had time to prepare."

The ranking like most tournaments supported by the WSWCF is based on presentation. Athletes have 90 seconds to show off their bodyweight strength and finesse in-front of judges who then pick finalists that battle in a 1vs1 elimination bracket style. Bolo took out the championship in a final showdown against Slime, both from the BarCrazy calisthenics team. "They showed some of the best performance to date," said Checo.

You can watch all highlights of the calisthenics championship below. Moves range from 360 pull ups, muscle up back claps, straddle planches, and more craziness:

Also checkout the highlights of the 2016 Barstarzz Women's Championship won by Yulanda Modeste:

Highlights from 2015 are also available:

Americans wiped the top three places in 2015. The championship was won by Josh Dull, second place was held by Kevin Davidson, and third by Rey Moros also known as Fitness Buddha who took out the 2014 championship.

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